Testing 1,2,3…

I was told to blog for my Political Science class, I’m not good at poltically blogging but we’ll see how this goes from now on.  

First objective: A Research Quest….
 The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (formerly known as the Animal Enterprise Protection Act) was passed by Congress in 2006.  This law is to protect animal testing facilities from animal rights extremists.  In 2006, 6 people were setenced to a collective 22 years in prison under this new law.  Why you ask?  For “conspiracy” to hold demonstrations and maintaining a website with the names and addresses of thouse who worked with/in Huntingdon Life Sciences.



Next up:  Beyond the Text…

Yes, that’s right “small”

One of the initial conversations of our first day of Intro to Poli Sci was about ‘Small p politics’.  What were some in Wolfville or on campus at Acadia as well.  Many were said, such as: Alcohol Comsumption on campus, class regulations, etc. etc.   So I’m told to expand upon that week’s discussion.  Well, small p poltics is generally on a “smaller scale” but that isn’t totally true because what is considered small p poltics to to the general public, such as alcohol on campus but for us who live on the Acadia campus are directly in contact and well, directly it effects us. It can be considered a big topic, personally.  I fear much will disagree.  If you don’t have the small p then you can’t really manage the big P either.  Yeah?  Yeah.  


And then: Media Analysis…

My take on a major news story eh?  A couple of days ago it was 10 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US.  It was almost everywhere you looked, clicked on, and listened to.  The world was silent while watching Bush and Obama sobbing for the lost lives, the heros and families.  Television broadcasts everywhere recording the memorial service and the mourning of lost loved ones.  Yes, it was a time to remember during these broadcasts but while reading some articles from American news angencies afterward I noticed a lot more negative articles for these attacks.  There was a lot of hype about more attacks and some articles even read that officials were saying that Washington and New York residents should be “prepared” or on “alert” for the 10th anniversary.  So it was a day of remembering and also scaring people, you know… “just in case”.

An under reported story…
Lets try a barely reported story.   As of right now in Sheshatshiu, NL (where I’m from) there is a public petition going around trying to remove the present Chief and Council from their seats and to call for a general election for the reason that the current council and Chief are incompetent of doing their jobs, nor are they “listening” to the public.  On top of that, two councillors started this petition to call the general election.  In most lets say… non-first nation towns this would be on the local news, in the newspapers or on the radio but the only place you can hear about this petition is on the town radio station or word of mouth.  I would at least like this to make the local television news and not just the town radio because it is something that needs to be heard, whether it’s the public being interviewed or the Chief and Council.   



There’s more?: My Reflective Journal…

To be completely honest, I thought Poli Sci was going to be a breeze for me but well it seems a lot more difficult now that I’m actually in it.  On top of that I thought this blog would have been super easy but I’ve realized I’m not good with vague terms such as “my take” or “expand on”.   I now realize I need clear instructions, perhaps it has to do with English being my second language.  This class will take up a lot of my time and energy because I spent more than just a couple of minutes writing about these things.  Maybe next week I’ll be more equipped… I hope. 

Finally: My Question of the Week…

Apparently an Ex Parti Quebecois leader joins QE (Questerre Energy).  Andre Boisclair was appointed by QE as an advisory to its board.  On top of that, another ex PQ leader is “heavily” involved with QE.  Why choose Boisclair?  Perhaps they will turn the Lower Saint-Lawrence and it’s shale deposits into profit? Who knows, right?

Anyways, I’m out.

Peace, love and all that outrageous stuff.


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